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WI BADD Conference 2014-05-06

  • Exhibition Hall, Alliant Energy Center Madison, Wisconsin USA (map)
You are already a cyborg.

You are already a cyborg.

Technology & Business Analysis

cyborg: an organic being with abilities enhanced by integrated tools.

You're a cyborg, just like everyone else.  Humans have automated and integrated technologies into our lives - our bodies, minds, and relationships - since we were humans and this integration is happening at an ever-increasing pace. As a BA you help stakeholders design, promote and deal with technical solutions every day.

But how will automation affect you? What parts of your job could be done by a machine? What will it mean to be a business analyst in three years, or five, or ten? We used to say that this profession was future proof because it couldn't be outsourced or automated -- but 'future proof' doesn't mean what it used to. The Cyborg in the Mirror explores the business consequences of the inevitable and relentless integration of technology into the human condition.

Breakout Session: Gold From Garbage

Harnessing human irrationality.

Harnessing human irrationality.

Harnessing Human Irrationality

Magicians and scientists know humans are irrational and unreasonable. They have learned to take advantage of the gap between how we think we act and how we really behave. Organizations often choose a different approach, by expecting people to act rationally and reasonably -- which is akin to forcing someone to be tall.

We will uncover some key relationships between human behaviour and business situations as we explore questions like:  "What makes a business case compelling?" "How much documentation is enough?" and "How can change resistance be minimized?"

Become more effective by learning a magic trick of your own: how to make use of human nature to turn garbage into gold, by countering irrationality when it is damaging, and using it to benefit your stakeholders when it helps.