Gold From Garbage - Harnessing Human Irrationality

Harnessing Human Irrationality
Harnessing Human Irrationality

Magicians and scientists know humans are irrational and unreasonable. They have learned to take advantage of the gap between how we think we act and how we really behave. Organizations often choose a different approach, by expecting people to act rationally and reasonably -- which is akin to forcing someone to be tall. We will uncover some key relationships between human behaviour and business situations as we explore questions like:  "What makes a business case compelling?" "How much documentation is enough?" and "How can change resistance be minimized?"

Become more effective by learning a magic trick of your own: how to make use of human nature to turn garbage into gold, by countering irrationality when it is damaging, and using it to benefit your stakeholders when it helps.

Learning Objectives

  • Facilitate (and make) better decisions by calling out “fear management” masquerading as risk management.
  • Improve change management by accepting the fundamental irrationality of all humans.
  • Recognize business implications of human limits to memory and perception.
  • Use arguments, disagreements, and resistance to reveal key information.
  • Practice a new mantra to improve stakeholder relationships.
  • Learn to NOT trust your gut when making decisions.

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Julian Sammy

A passion for business performance has driven Julian’s decades-long, evidence-based exploration of human behaviour, emerging technology, and information science. His insights are often surprising, and are shared in a provocative, engaging style in print and in person. Julian has delivered inspiring and informative keynotes, created and delivered many track sessions, and advised senior managers and executives from many industries. As the Head of Research and Innovation for IIBA, Julian led a global team of volunteer researchers in the creation of a scientifically testable theory of business performance. As a member of the Core Team developing the next version of A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) for IIBA, he drove the collaborative development of the Business Analysis Core Concept Model — a work that is so fundamental to the profession that it is the foundation for the new definition of the profession. In March 2014 Julian Sammy and Kathleen Barret co-founded MicroMarketplace, to get on-demand expert advice to managers, one hour at a time.