The Cyborg In The Mirror

You are already a cyborg.

You are already a cyborg.

Presenter: Julian Sammy
Format: Keynote, Track Session

cyborg: an organic being enhanced by technology

You're a cyborg, just like everyone else. Humans automate and integrate technology into our bodies, minds, and relationships; we've done it since before we were humans. As a BA you help stakeholders design, install, and then deal with technical solutions every day – but how will automation affect you? What parts of your job could be done by a machine? What will it mean to be a business analyst in three years, or five, or ten? We used to say that this profession was future proof because it couldn't be outsourced or automated -- but 'future proof' doesn't mean what it used to.

The Cyborg in the Mirror explores the business consequences of the inevitable and relentless integration of technology into the human condition.

Learning Objectives

  • Refocus your professional development on aspects of business analysis that can not be automated.
  • Begin to assess technological change in terms of meaning instead of functionality.
  • Recognize what technology can change - and what it can not.

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Julian Sammy

A passion for business performance has driven Julian’s decades-long, evidence-based exploration of human behaviour, emerging technology, and information science. His insights are often surprising, and are shared in a provocative, engaging style in print and in person. Julian has delivered inspiring and informative keynotes, created and delivered many track sessions, and advised senior managers and executives from many industries. As the Head of Research and Innovation for IIBA, Julian led a global team of volunteer researchers in the creation of a scientifically testable theory of business performance. As a member of the Core Team developing the next version of A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) for IIBA, he drove the collaborative development of the Business Analysis Core Concept Model — a work that is so fundamental to the profession that it is the foundation for the new definition of the profession. In March 2014 Julian Sammy and Kathleen Barret co-founded MicroMarketplace, to get on-demand expert advice to managers, one hour at a time.