Managing stinks.

You are not the problem, no matter what the pundits say. You are under-appreciated by your staff, over-burdened by your leaders, and blamed for poor performance and morale, when it is systemic performance barriers that are to blame. You don't control the HR policy, or the billing system, or the [insert bureaucratic barrier here] that stops good people from doing good work. You are trapped in a painful situation - and that pain tends to spread.

You could use some help - an hour of expert management advice when you need some guidance. Our community of advisors can help without hidden costs, without hidden agendas, and without red-tape.

When online forums are not enough and hiring a contractor is too much, come to MicroMarketplace. Here it is easy to find the right advisor, and to meet with that person. You can browse advisors profiles that not only showcase their expertise, skills, and knowledge, but also their personalities and attitudes. Even better, you can see how other managers rated the value of an hour of each advisor's time: see who has five stars, who doesn't, and why.

More information coming soon.