Managing stinks.

Managers are not the problem. They are under-appreciated by staff, over-burdened by leadership, and blamed for problems they can't control. They face demands to improve performance while hampered by systemic barriers and limited organizational support. They are trapped in a painful situation, and that pain tends to spread.

Good managers look for help, but may not find what they need. Most online resources are too general or not relevant enough. Experts are hard to find, or working for someone with an agenda (a sales call isn't really advice). At MicroMarketplace, advisors and managers can connect with no red-tape bureaucracy, and start making a difference right away.

MicroMarketplace is a new community making it easy for managers to find expert advice, and for advisors to provide it.


On-demand expert advice strengthening managers one hour at a time.


An easy online marketplace for live short-term connections between credible, expert advisors and managers in need.


Simple: We take all the effort and complexity out of finding and giving advice.
Useful: Ensure the highest quality of advice is given.
Spark: Trigger high value relationships.
Sustain: Encourage long term collaborations.